Euscher – Bubbling with Ideas for the Aerosol Industry

In the 1950s, Euscher was among the pioneers of the German aerosol industry. Today, with more than 90 years of existance, it remains one of the clear market leaders in the industry – because Euscher offers highly-specialized individual products in addition to mounting cups made to a wide variety of standard specifications. Euscher develops its many and varied new solutions in close contact with customers at market-driven prices: with sophisticated expertise, its own tool construction, and state-of-the-art production technology. 

When it comes to mounting cups, Euscher GmbH is clearly one of the industry’s market leaders: in addition to sophisticated mounting cups made to suit all the standard specifications common around the world, the company offers a broad spectrum of special mounting cups in various shapes and for many different applications. A particular specialty are mounting cups with dome threads in single-layer standard form, as well as the double-layer sandwich version developed by Euscher.

And the Bielefeld deep-drawing specialist has still more to offer: in the context of development partnerships, Euscher uses its long experience to help its customers master new challenges. This company with a long tradition has always been one of the pioneers of the aerosol industry: in the 1950s, Euscher was the first company in Europe to produce mounting cups and it helped shape the development of the aerosol industry in Europe. Since then, its areas of business have expanded constantly. Today, the aerosol market is one of the company’s main sectors of business. Euscher also has versatile, highly-developed production capacities for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors, and it offers a broad assortment of ferrules, actuators, collars, and decorative caps. The company is also active as a supplier to the automotive industry.

Quality, productivity, and power of innovation

Global success in the aerosol industry requires high-quality competitive products and outstanding customer service. This requires the greatest productivity and constant innovation. At Euscher, tool development provides the technological basis for this.

For new market trends and innovative new developments, customers can take advantage of the company’s key account management and its special Technical Customer Advising Department. Here, deep-drawing experts offer customers products made to suit their own product-specific requirements. Thanks to design and sample construction, initial approaches and visions quickly become reality at Euscher – in the form of specially-produced small series.

This is how Euscher fulfills customers’ desires in two German locations. For the past few years, the capacities of Euscher s.r.o. in Chomutov, Czech Republic have complemented this expertise. Euscher’s location in the Czech Republic is especially oriented toward exploiting new market potential. One of the three Euscher plants is currently specially set up for the production of mounting cups. High-performance, high-tech systems ensures the most efficient production processes and sophisticated logistics ensure an environment that is optimally-attuned to the mass production of mounting cups.

Tinplate and aluminum are the two most common materials for the production of mounting cups, both in uncoated form as well as with painted and coated surfaces. With all products, great value is placed on quality and environmentally-friendly processing. Both the quality management system according to ISO TS 16949, the environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and energy management ISO 5001 guarantee that customers around the world are always supplied with perfect, high-quality goods.

“We have acquired very specialized knowledge in the aerosol sector that we incorporate into each project,” explains Managing Director and owner of the company Jörn Euscher-Klingenhagen. “Thus we have highly-developed technology that makes economical production possible. In close contact with our international customers, we always formulate the best solutions – in a spacial or unusual shape and range of variants.”

300 employees at the Euscher Group are working to achieve Euscher’s success. With their expertise, they will also ensure the company’s innovative and market-driven production in the future – and keep it bubbling with ideas for the aerosol industry.